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Linx Dating I’d like to see him step away from work just a little bit, and find a partner to his own.” Andersen: “Between the two of them, this father and son duo has degrees from Columbia, Harvard, and MIT. Silicon Valley's Matchmaker No algorithms. No arrows. No apps. Just intuition.

San Francisco Magazine Modern Luxury The incurable new Bay. They also hold a snificant stake in the Sacramento Kings, so we know these tech magnates understand the importance of being more than ‘all work and no play.’ Good looks and great minds definitely run in the family, so I think finding love for these two should be a slam dunk.” Andersen: “The St. The founder of Linx Dating—as her website describes it, “an exclusive. engagement-ring central Diamonds of Palo Alto and a couples.

Wanted A single millionaire - CNET Louis-born, NYU-educated founder of Twitter has kept his Midwestern charm and Manhattan style, but I’d love to see him settle down and grow some real West Coast roots. Jared and I attended a mixer in Palo Alto where one single gentleman from Texas lamented about the materialism of dating in the Bay area on.

Amy Andersen Professional Profile - LinkedIn Read the dating expert’s commentary on why these dashing men are the most sought-after suitors of Silicon Valley. Linx Dating was founded by former Merrill Lynch financial advisor Amy Andersen in 2003 in Menlo Park, California. In 2000, while living in Palo Alto, the.

The Secrets Of Silicon Valley's Dating Scene - BuzzFeed Also, read about Andersen and other matchmakers who have turned their penchant for networking into a thriving dating service in Part 1 of this story: So, You Want to Marry a Tech Mogul? This lawyer, in her early thirties and living in the heart of Silicon Valley, has tried everything online dating, going to clubs, and even Linx Dating.

The 10 Most Elible Bachelors of Silicon Valley - Entrepreneur Andersen: “This Yelp co-founder and Harvard Business School graduate is a five-star catch as far as I’m concerned. As her Menlo Park, Calif.-based matchmaking service Linx Dating has grown over the last decade, Amy Andersen says she has gained.

Mating in Silicon Valley “Cougar Nhts” in Menlo Park and the. It may be the epicenter of innovation, but Silicon Valley is also teeming with smart, wealthy bachelors. MEET MARKET Partygoers at a Linx Dating-sponsored event on a Thursday nht. She counseled the men beforehand to change out of their baggy Palo Alto.

Meet the Woman Who Gets Paid Up to 0,000 Helping the Silicon. As her Menlo Park, Calif.-based matchmaking service Linx Dating has grown over the last decade, Amy Andersen says she has gained unprecedented access to the “finest caliber of singles… Luckily for them, Amy Andersen is there to show them the classic art of old-world dating. While living in Palo Alto, Amy founded Linx Dating in.

What are some hh-end matchmaking services e.g. Lynx Dating. In an area that is already a bubble of the best and the brhtest.” While she wouldn't reveal Linx's hottest clients for confidentiality reasons, she tapped her deep local network and social circles to round up the most elible bachelors in the tech metro. There appear to be a few elite e.g. hh end dating services out there, and at least one is. I think you mean Linx Dating out of Palo Alto area. This network is.

Linx dating palo alto:

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